As a product of the 80’s, I have had a great life growing up. I grew up with Coleco, Atari, Nintendo, and arcades. Back then, I used to go outside and enjoy life and experience what was called fresh air. These days, I spend my time sitting behind a screen thinking of what to design next.  My love for art started with cartoons, but grew even more with video games. The best part of games back then, was the art that came in the instruction manuals and on the game itself. Along with that, I always enjoyed the cabinet art on the side of the arcade machines.

I started drawing when I was young, but won’t bore you with that. You know, same story as any other artist and what not. I will say that, the 80’s and 90’s culture had a great influence on my work today. When I come up with ideas for the most part, I always try to picture them on the side of arcade machines or on the old cartridges. I always had a fascination of how it was put on the products especially in the 70’s cause of technology limitations compared of what we have today.

If you wonder what I work with, I used to use natural media, but went digital. My main programs are, Sketchbook Pro and Adobe Illustrator. I used to use Photoshop, but I got into screen printing and didn’t like the results of Photoshop compared to Illustrator. Illustrator gave me smoother lines and I don’t have to worry about pixilation either. Also, I use a Wacom Cintiq to help me get the job done too. I would have to say it is the best investment I have made to help my work progress and get it done at a faster rate.